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What are YOUR financial goals?

  • Preparing for retirement
  • Reduce your tax burden
  • Provide for your family after you are gone
  • Funding a college education
  • Buying a house, car, or boat
  • Building a reserve for special occasions
  • Helping insure against loss due to illness
  • Establish an emergency fund
Whatever your dream for the future, I can help you achieve greater financial independence and stability. I will show you how Prestige Max can transform your future.Kraig Blancher, CEO

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  • Tax-free growth
  • Any age with employment compensation
  • Non-qualified distribution subject to taxation and 10% additional tax
  • Contributions are withdrawn tax-free but earnings are only tax free after aging five years


  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Under age 70.5 with employment compensation
  • Taxable when distributed
  • Withdrawals before age 59.5 may be subject to 10% early withdrawal penalty
  • Minimum required distributions starting at 70.5

Retirement in Reach



There are three main types of options to save for retirement.

  1. CD’s – CD’s are a safe option typically offered through banks and credit unions. CDs offer steady growth and are a very safe option.
  2. Investments – Investment examples may include 401K, 403b, 457, and traditional IRAs. These are market-based growth tools that offer tax deferral. Market-based investments offer high growth potential but also carry higher risk. A great point to remember is that a 401K, 403b, 457 is a qualified wrapper that can be funded with a CD, investment, etc. The 401k, 403b, etc. is not the actual investment.
  3. Prestige Max – Using Prestige Max for cash accumulation is a lower risk option with high return potential. Prestige Max offers more flexibility for tax-free income.

Prestige Max

Tax-free retirement not only offers access to a tax-free income but also a tax-free death benefit which can be used for legacy or estate planning. Not only can you fund a tax free income but you are offering protection for your family in the event of an untimely death. You can use income streams to reimburse taxes paid on other products.


Living Benefits

You have access to most of your cash by year three and can use it for anything. For example, if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness such as cancer, you can access your cash to use while you are still living. The remaining death benefit will be paid out to the policy beneficiary at time of death.


Restriction on contributions

This is a big deal when you consider the annual limitations you have on contributing to your retirement plans to products such as IRAs, 401k, 403b, etc. When using Prestige Max for tax-free retirement, you can exceed the ERISA thresholds. Simply said, you can contribute larger amounts to a tax-free retirement plan than the other traditional retirement strategies.


No Restrictions on Early Distribution

Unlike traditional retirement plans which have penalties for early withdrawal before age 59 ½, Prestige Max cash value can be accessed at any point it is available to you. There are no limits and we will set up your contributions based on your tax-free retirement goal.


FAFSA Income Limits

It is important to know that when using Prestige Max for college savings plans the cash value doesn’t count towards the income or asset calculation for FAFSA. This creates a great scenario for you to use life insurance to save for college while also allowing access to financial aid. This is a win-win.

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Why buy Prestige Max?

For the Tax Advantages:

  • Death proceeds are received free of income tax
  • Cash value accumulations are tax free
  • Cash value loans are free of tax, as long as the policy stays in force
  • Accelerated death benefits are received free of income tax

As a Disciplined Savings Program:

  • To help pay for educational costs
  • To supplement retirement income
  • To take advantage of business opportunities
  • For financial emergencies
  • To reimburse expenses for tax payments, depreciation expenses, etc.

In Recognition of Personal Responsibility to:

  • Family
  • Banker
  • Mortgage company

For the Flexibility:

  • Benefits may be available regardless of whether the you live, quit your job, die or becomes disabled
  • Prestige Max is portable; benefits are not lost due to job changes
  • Funds are available for any reason, no questions asked

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   Financial   Protection

15 Advantages of Prestige Max

Tax Free Death Benefit

Upon untimely death, the benefit goes to beneficiary tax-free.

Tax Free Transfer to a spouse

All accumulations, including death benefit, are not taxed to spouse/beneficiary.

Not Subject to Creditors

Creditors may not attach liens to these funds.

Competitive R.O.R

6% dividend yields tax free income.


Not subject to IRS restrictions.

Tax Free Income

Regular proceeds are not taxed.

Available prior to age 59 1/2

Funds available at any time.

No Alternative Minimum Tax

Income disbursements are not considered income.


No qualification needed to receive benefits.

No Market Risk

Very strong company paying 6% for last 90 years.

Tax Free Accumulation

Dividends are not taxed.

No Social Security Tax

Income does not affect social security benefits.

Guaranteed Cash Value

Proceeds are guaranteed by contract.

No 1099

No IRS forms required.


You can choose desired tax-free income.

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